Windows 10 Rant!

We have our computers set to automatically update their operating system – Windows 10.

Well, we woke up yesterday morning to John’s computer stuck with a weird “exit and continue to windows rollback” update prompt.  We thought it just needed a restart – WRONG.  Thankfully we have a second computer to research this madness.  Evidently there is an issue with Windows 10 update – gee thanks Microsoft.  You would think you would have fixed it by now!

Anyways, after spending HOURS trying to fix this issue, we ended up resetting it to an earlier version of Windows 10.  But now all the apps that were added over the last 2 years are gone and need to be reinstalled.  On top of that, the computer is “not secure”.  How long will it take to “fix” this issue?????

Since we were having an update issue with John’s computer, we decided to check the update status of Barb’s computer.  Lo and behold, hers is not up to date either.  Barb’s wouldn’t install the April update either.  Guess what the fix is – to uninstall the “defective” update.  BUT IT NEVER INSTALLED!  How do you uninstall something that isn’t installed????

So to attempt to fix this, we downloaded the Update Assistant onto Barb’s computer and tried updating to version 1803.  It didn’t work the first time – it was unable to install for some reason.  Tried it a second time after work today and it finally worked.

One computer updated and ready to go, 2 more to go.

Now we are going to try to update John’s all-in-one computer with the update assistant.  Wish us luck!




7 thoughts on “Windows 10 Rant!

  1. There have been lots of problems with the latest round of Windows 10 Updates… one of my computers has been persistently attempting to update, failing, and then “reverting” back to how it was, only to then try again. Since I repair computers for others I’ve also had a few others with a variety of issues after updating, from some people just being faced with a screen full of options that make no sense to them, to desktops turning black, and even Windows needing a fresh install. Welcome to Windows 10.

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    • It shouldn’t be like this. I’m so glad the windows update assistant let us skip all the small updates. But it wasn’t easy to find out about this option. They wanted you to try command prompt coding. It’s been YEARS since I thought about command prompt! I remember making batch files so the kids could play games. Our youngest is 29.


  2. So glad you posted this! For the longest time, I thought I was alone in Windows 10 hell. Last month I bought a brand new laptop. It was a snazzy little guy, with Windows Ink and a pen and the whole nine yards. Right out of the box it said I needed to update to the latest version of Windows 10. No matter what I tried, the update was never successful. And then it happened…the whole thing crashed. The message “insufficient memory” to continue operating. The failed update had taken up all the memory and I couldn’t even access the control panel to try to uninstall it. Needless to say, Mr. Snazzy New Computer with a Fancy Pen went back to Best Buy.

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    • We’ve had Microsoft OS since the mid 80’s (we’re not loyal much!) and have never had an issue like this. Bill Gates needs to get more involved again! It was crazy trying to “fix” it. And I love how even the Microsoft support people don’t tell you exactly how to fix it. You keep getting the numerous links to try different things.


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