Rant about people who rant about California

So this is a sorta rant post.  With the recent news that California is now the 5th largest economy in the world, why do people outside of California think that Californians want to hear how horrible our state is?

  • California has about 12% of the nation’s population.  Shouldn’t we get 12% of the electoral college?
  • Why should our environmental rules be reduced to federal levels?  We cleaned up our horrible pollution by enacting stricter than federal levels.  While we don’t have  the cleanest air, we have made great strides.  Anyone remember Los Angeles during the 60’s?  Buildings across the street were obscured by smog.
  • Why does everyone assume we are granola eating Birkenstock wearing hippies?  Ok, we eat granola regularly in our house and we wear Birkenstocks but I would never classify myself a hippie.  When our youngest went to college in Maryland and wore her Birkenstocks, other college students actually commented that they didn’t think of her as a hippie.
  • And not every Californian is a celebrity, knows a celebrity, or wants to live like  scripted “reality” shows.  These shows do not show Californians as we truly are.  Don’t judge me based on the state I live in.
  • Homelessness and drug use is a problem in many communities in the nation.  Why bash ours without looking at your own?  It is so much easier to “blame liberals” in California than to accept that this is a national issue.  Poverty, homelessness, and drug addiction is found in ALL STATES!

I think this in enough for today.

What would you like people to stop commenting on based on where you live??

4 thoughts on “Rant about people who rant about California

  1. Let’s see…I can’t count the number of people who have asked me if I have a moonshine still or drink moonshine. At a business meeting once, I introduced myself to someone from New York who immediately looked down at my feet and said, “So they do wear shoes in TN”. Like you guys, I also do not know any celebrities or country music singers. Okay, I take that back…I once met George Jones at Petsmart. He was nice. And NO, I don’t like country music!

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    • haha While I was in Tennessee during the summer, I NEVER saw people shoeless or their stills! I’m sure there are people who still make moonshine but it seems to be a hobby, not a revenue venture.

      By the way, we loved the museum of the Appalacia – near Knoxville if I remember correctly. The reenactors were wearing shoes and appeared to be sober!

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