All The Kid Stuff We Saved

If you are like us, you saved TOO MUCH kid stuff.  While we have decluttered the stuff, we found boxes of kid clothes.  Now keep in mind, our babies are currently 29 and 31 years old.  We still had infant stuff!

Most of this kid of stuff has been decluttered.  Now the challenge will be all the boxes of  school stuff.  How much should we keep to give to them?  I was thinking of dividing it into 2 boxes and letting them decide but that seems cruel!  My mom recently gave me a school box and I trashed all my report cards – it really wasn’t something I wanted and I’m assuming the kiddos will feel the same way.  They are less inclined to save things already.

They haven’t looked at it or missed it in all these years.  I haven’t looked at it or missed it in all these years.  I sure could use some simple advice from someone who has boxes of kid school stuff they’ve decluttered.  What kind of things did you keep?  Did your kids want any of the school stuff?


9 thoughts on “All The Kid Stuff We Saved

  1. My mom and I went through all of the school stuff she had saved for me last summer. It was a fun afternoon. We just sat in the kitchen with the garbage can on one side of the table and a “save” box on the other. 99% of everything went into the garbage/recycling bin after we looked at it, laughed about it, or shook our heads because neither of us remembered why she would have saved it in the first place. I brought home 1 report card, a letter from my favorite teacher, and a few photos. My mom kept my senior yearbook (why, I don’t know) and a couple of drawings I did in kindergarten. We also went through her stuff too. She graduated in 1968 and I had no idea she even had stuff saved from her school days. It was fun to look at essays she had written and textbooks she had kept from nursing school. In the end, she tossed all but a handful of items from her box too.

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  2. Awwww, motherhood certainly seems to be the gift that keeps giving… and giving… and giving. That’s a really lovely post 😍

    You could always just give them half the boxes each, tell them to dig out their own stuff and keep or dispose of it as they see fit, then swap boxes with their sibling? Job Done. They might enjoy slowly rummaging through it all…..

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  3. I kept 1 of my old report cards. None of my yearbooks, as you know! 😉 All 4 of the class pix I have. All of the poems, etc that I wrote. Not many. And the letter I wrote in 9th grade to my love of the year, pretending he was my husband, 10 years down the road!! Good for a laugh!
    So yeah, not much. If they already don’t kepp stuff, probably don’t want much either. Just ask general questions, maybe?
    “Do you want any of your report cards?” etc. If they say yes, give them the whole box to sort themselves!

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