Does it count?

Random decluttering the stuff question:

Do the Christmas ornaments you set aside for the kiddos from the ornament box count as part of our 2018 in 2018??

I know giving our stuff to the kids is BAD but it is their stuff.  Granted, they only see it once a year because we store it the rest of the year.


5 thoughts on “Does it count?

  1. Did you delete my comment or did I totally forget to get send? I’m okay if you deleted it but I really just want to know if I didn’t do it right! Haha! It was a few days ago or yesterday, I don’t remember.

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  2. I would think if you are keeping something in your house or storage, then it isn’t decluttering. If you are giving it to them now (or in the next few weeks) then yes, I think it would count because you’re removing it from your possession. I think of it the same as a person keeping a bunch of stuff in storage just in case their kids or friends or family might someday need or want it – it isn’t decluttering, it’s storing. Not saying it’s bad, I just don’t think of it as decluttering.

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