Decluttered in 2019 Update

Can you believe 2019 is over???  We did continue our decluttering journey this year.  Every so often you open a drawer or closet and realize it’s looking “full” and messy.  In straightening things out, some stuff just has to leave!  Here are a few things that we shoved under the bed, in the dresser “junk” jar, the bathroom cabinet, and kitchen drawer.  It sure would be nice to get rid of the “junk” jar – or rename it!

New Phototastic Collage

This year we removed at least 884 items.  Why did I say at least?  We were not as dedicated to the counting aspect this year.  We began the year by saying we weren’t going to count and then felt an overwhelming need to count.  Go figure!

Here is a surprising set of numbers:  Since we began counting in 2014, we have counted and removed 16,951 items from the house!  Since the average house has about 300,000 items, we figure we can work on 2020 items in 2020.

5 thoughts on “Decluttered in 2019 Update

  1. Excellent work! I look up to your example!
    “junk jar”?
    Thanks for all the encouragement! I have to find my first page, to know whether or not I got to 2019. But I have 4 things already for this year!
    Maybe if I staple the pages together, I won’t lose either! Here’s hoping!

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  2. I’ve heard that statistic about the average number of items in an average house… But I wonder if it’s even accurate at all. Some houses or studio apartment are tiny… While some mansions are huge! I guess I wonder if the majority of people have a completely different average. And also, do they count each item… Like each pencil, each rubber band, etc. They must, I think, since 300,000 is a high number.

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    • Your comment about pencils etc makes me laugh.

      Do you remember when I cleaned out the desk drawer and got rid of about 500 not working pens and pencils with yucky erasers or when I counted all the Barbie shoes? It makes me wonder how many things an average home must have under each bed! They won’t find anything under ours anymore!!


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