Day 12 of Isolation

This seems like our new normal.

Only thing we have to fear is fear itself.  Franklin D. Roosevelt

I am fearful that EVERYTHING coming into our home is infected.  And we aren’t going out often or ordering stuff.

  • John went to pick up fresh fruit and vegetables this morning at the grocery store.
  • Kiddo #2 ordered something from Amazon before the “Safer at Home” order here in California. [She will frequently use our address for deliveries since she has issues getting stuff delivered at her apartment.]  Everyone else must have been ordering the same gluten free soup.  It finally arrived today in a cardboard box. 

I was nagging John to be sure he sanitized everything including the box and bags along with all the door handles and other stuff he might have touched after he brought the stuff in.  

Please don’t misinterpret – I am a supporter of self-isolation and the statewide isolation order.  From a public health perspective, this and hand washing are the best ways to decrease the spread.  Our county currently has a 10% death rate.  This is nothing to mess with.

Anyone else having anxiety about infected stuff coming into the house?  I know we have all conquered our fears of clutter entering!


And the other stuff happening here today:

  • John made another loaf of sourdough bread
  • Barb weeded the side planter.  It was nice to sit outside and have time “alone” with my thoughts.
  • Catching up on blog reading.



14 thoughts on “Day 12 of Isolation

  1. No, I’m not sanitiZIng incoming. Never even occurred to me, till I read a post yesterday. Duh! Makes sense!
    Tomorrow we start our 10pm at night quarantine. It will last until Mon. morning. then each night at 10 p
    My dad always said nothing good happens after midnight. Now it’s after 10 pm!

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  2. I’m feeling the same way!! But I feel like I’m totally failing. We get packages practically everyday… thanks Target who ships every little thing individually. And family members who keep ordering stuff everyday! Ughhh one family member has to go to work which is a total bummer because the rest of us are able to stay home. So I feel like we are getting infected everyday. This is so stressful.

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    • oh my! That would be stressful. I know the few times John has gone to the store, he comes in and strips down, washes his hands and then face. I can’t imagine if someone had to leave everyday.

      How is your state handling isolation? Is it pretty strict yet?

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      • We are only under a safer at home order so we’re not supposed to go out but they aren’t doing much if you do. Although, just 5 minutes ago, we heard on the police scanner that some residents in an apartment complex were sitting in their hallway on lawn chairs and they were sending the police over there to tell them to stop. What is wrong with people?????????? What aren’t they understanding??

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        • I can only imagine what life in a large apartment building would be like. If need the elevator, how do you navigate that. No balcony would mean no escaping your 4 walls. BUT they also need to respect others. Hadn’t considered this when thinking about our situation.

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        • I would have to agree. It is almost impossible to go anywhere in NYC without bumping into another person at least once (if not MANY more times) I sure hope they figure out ways to get sanity breaks because it’s looking like this is going to last a while.

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