Day 49 of Isolation

I finally woke up about 10:30 this morning.  We decided to do a grocery shopping trip – ol’ mother Hubbard cupboards were looking a little sparse.

Our local market is still out of toilet paper, paper towels, and anything resembling Lysol with a sanitizing/disinfecting property.  All of the cleaners were limited, including dish soap and dishwasher soap.  There was no toilet bowl cleaner.  They did have 1 bottle of Lysol shower disinfectant, so I picked it up.  If we get desperate, I’ll use shower cleaner where ever we need it!

Most food items were starting to look closer to normal.  The meat section was looking a little sparse – there were no chicken breasts but plenty of thighs.  Plenty of steak but limited ground round.  The soup aisle was looking pretty sparse – a very limited amount of canned soup and ramen packages.  There was no yeast, minimal flour, and no granulated sugar – thankfully we needed powdered sugar this trip!

The produce section looked normal as did the frozen section.  There were plenty of ice cream choices.  We did pick up a few frozen premade meals – just in case we don’t want a sandwich.  There were plenty of bread choices as well – it looked normal to me.

There was also plenty of hair dye.  A few weeks ago this was a hot item!

The dairy section looked normal except for the butter section.  Butter/margarine choices were limited.  We usually buy 3 different types:  for spreading – Smart Balance light with Flaxseed oil;  for general cooking – Smart Balance original;  and when you must use it, real butter.  They only had the original Smart Balance in a supersized container.  No butter or the Light Smart Balance.  Eggs were normal.

So after an exciting trip to spend $425, we are basically set for the month.  We should only need a trip in about 2 weeks to pick up some fresh fruit and vegetables.  It shouldn’t cost nearly the amount we spent today.

How are your markets looking?  Any weird shortages in your area?


7 thoughts on “Day 49 of Isolation

  1. Ours are still really random. They’ll be aisles that are fine and then they’ll be a whole section of something missing like pasta. The next day it’ll be eggs. Some sets you can’t get bread. One of my kids found my mom a 4 pack of toilet paper today but it was all they had and you could only buy one pack. No sanitizer anything anywhere.

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  2. Most of our stores are still out of toilet paper, paper towels, and Kleenex (except the one with lotion in it – I think no one likes that one). We tried to find chicken for my mom last weekend and had to go to 3 stores before we ended up with a pack of legs. We still can’t find rubbing alcohol anywhere.

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  3. my areas seems okay for now. I did shop last week and I was impressed with how well the store was stocked up. I hope it will continue like this because sometimes I hear things like food shortage and it makes my skin crawl. BUT until then I keep getting canned, dry, and frozen food each time I shop. It makes me feel much better. That is for sure.

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