Day 51 & 52 of Isolation – Getting Kiddo Home

Yesterday and today were spent worrying about kiddo #2 and wondering when she gets to come home.

She had emergency surgery yesterday morning (Sunday).  The doctor called about 10 am to say everything went well and she should be able to go home in a few hours.  His recommendation was to call back about noon and check her status with the nurses.

We called at 12:30 and found out she was still in recovery.  Nurse said she was having a rough time with the after effects of anesthesia.  Her recommendation was to call back in a couple of hours.  When I called Kiddo #2 about 3, she talked about 30 seconds and then had to hang up.  Her stomach was unhappy!!  That continued until about 11pm.  She sent a text and said she was finally able to keep a sip water down!  She was feeling sort of human again!

This morning she called about 7:30 and said the surgery team had put in discharge orders but to give it a few hours before we left home.  We left about 10:15 to trek into Los Angeles.

When we arrived, the valet parking attendant said to pull forward to the pharmacy line.  The hospital doesn’t normally have a drive-through pharmacy – it was a pop up canopy with someone who takes your information and then goes in and gets you the prescription so you don’t have to!  Since we were picking up a discharging patient, we didn’t have to pay the $16 valet fee.  By the time Kiddo was wheeled out, the pharmacy tech was at our car with her meds!  Win-Win

Now getting her car from the parking structure wasn’t as straightforward.  When we got to the structure, her ID didn’t activate the gate – the drugs prevented her from remembering that she can only access that one during the weekend!  So John jumps out and hikes up to the 3rd floor.  Only to find he left her car key in my car!  This “quick” diversion ended up taking us 30 minutes!

A quick trip to her apartment to drop off her car, pick up a few things and then ride home.  The highways in California SUCK!  Road construction is always happening.  Every bump had her moaning.  About an hour later we make it home.  She is currently drugged and sleeping.  Hopefully she feels better tomorrow!

20 thoughts on “Day 51 & 52 of Isolation – Getting Kiddo Home

  1. This reminds me of when I had my gallbladder removed, it was supposed to be an outpatient surgery, just a few hours then home. But afterwards my heart rate went up too high (wouldn’t go down) and I kept throwing up so they made me stay overnight to be sure. I was fine after that but I think the anesthesia and my body just didn’t get along too well.

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      • Did she also have her gallbladder out? I had some stomach issues prior but I don’t have any major issues. I can’t eat much fried food or fatty food, small meals are way better, I don’t eat beef at all, I stay away from creamy soups (especially cheesy ones), I don’t eat beans. It just takes awhile to figure it out.

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        • yep – she had weird stomach pain issues before but nothing that said “go to doctor” until last Saturday. She said it was a severe stabbing pain. She had only one gall stone but it was 29 mm in diamater. Sounds pretty big to me for a gall bladder!

          It sounds like the recommendation for a low fat diet is true for you. Cheese seems like one she will miss!

          What is it about beans? Do they cause you issues now and didn’t before? That is one of her go to easy meals. She frequently makes a batch of beans in the Instant Pot and then has them available for the rest of the week, especially when she works nights.


        • I didn’t have gall stones at all but my gallbladder wasn’t functioning. I can eat cheese but not often and not a lot, so she can always try a little and if okay try a little more. Beans just feel like they stay in my stomach and don’t digest, that’s the same with beef – it’s like my stomach doesn’t know what to do with it!

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        • There are some cheese naturally lower in far than others, I think some are mozzarella, feta, provolone and maybe goat cheese instead of regular. The bummer about reduced fat or “low fat” cheese is that it’s usually processed to remove the fat. And there’s always the option to just try a little. Some people have their gallbladder removed and have no issues or dietary changes at all!

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        • Sounds like she will just need to experiment. Having Celiac, she is used to having weird stomach issues. Guess it will make figuring out what is causing it more interesting.


  2. Wow! What a mess! Glad she is home and resting!! Thank God she was able to have her surgery!!
    I’ll pray for her quick return to health. When is your lockdown over??? Ours was up May 1. I celebrated by going to see Mama.
    Can’t wait to go to an actual restaurant!!

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