Day 62 of Isolation – Vacation?

I really need to use the schedule feature for posts!

At this point of the school year, we would be crossing items off our to do list so we can escape for 9 weeks the moment school gets out.  Not this year.

There is no to do list since California is still on Stay at Home orders.  We are assuming we shouldn’t/can’t leave home.  Glacier National Park sent us an email that the park is closed until June 30.  Our camping reservations were for the middle of June.  Thankfully, they are giving a full refund.

Figuring out cancellations was tricky – would you click “Cancel” on this to cancel the reservation below?  I went to “Modify” thinking “Cancel” meant cancel this screen.  Go figure!


Our trip to Monterey is in limbo.  We are fairly confident that the Monterey Bay Aquarium will be closed when we planned to visit around the 4th of July.  The campground is also closed at this time since the state is on Stay at Home orders.

We were scheduled to go to Hawaii the last week of July.  Hawaii extended their 14 day mandatory quarantine to June 30.  What are the odds they will lift that on June 30th?  Do we take a chance?  We are leaning towards cancelling.  John’s mom is using her travel points for us to go – both Kiddos were going to join us!  We even purchased 1st class tickets for us and Mom (our first time!) as a special splurge.  We should get at least a travel credit if we cancel the flights.

Anyone know about getting refunds instead of credits from airlines?


2 thoughts on “Day 62 of Isolation – Vacation?

  1. I think the airlines’ default is they would prefer to give you credit, but if you’re entitled to a refund, then you have to push for it, but expect that to take some time and some hoops.

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