Day 64 of Isolation

We took Kiddo #2 back to her apartment last night.  It is really quiet here!  Even though she is 31 years old, having her around increases the noise level in our house considerably!  We also don’t have to worry about waking her up OR interrupting her TV watching or book reading.  And I still miss having her around!  We realized yesterday that of the 9 weeks of quarantine, she has spent 4 weeks with us – 2 recovering from surgery and 2 for her “vacation”.

Of course the shoes she ordered from Rothy’s showed up today.  [sidebar: Rothy’s is giving 50% off if you are a teacher or medical worker.  Kiddo #2 got her 50% off pair, loved them so much she ordered another pair!]

At some point next week we will take her the shoes.  She also put in a request for lentils, pinto beans, q-tips, bleach, and the Yeti she left behind.  Thankfully, we have plenty extra of these items!  Maybe she knew that and that’s why she put in the request.  She (and her sister) also know if she asks for something, either I or John will make sure she gets it.  Maybe our Kiddos are spoiled???  Thankfully they ask for these kind of things!

Speaking of things the Kiddo’s want:  sanitizing wipes arrived!  [Recall that Kiddo #1 was jealous I received some for Mother’s day.  Kiddo #2 ordered her some.]  Costco had plenty to ship to our house but they weren’t available to ship to Kiddo #1’s house.  What’s up with that??  I made a trip to the post office and mailed her 4 packages of wipes and a rash guard shirt for Grandkiddo from her Sissy (Kiddo #2).

Today was a work around the house day.  You know the stuff – inside: laundry, vacuum, changing sheets, cleaning bathrooms, etc;  outside: getting rid of the last of the weeds!  John is hoping to get the grass seed spread this weekend in the back yard!!  I’ll need to do a yard update post if that happens!  Sure hope I can find the “before” pictures!

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