Day 66 of Isolation

Today was a “relaxing” day around here.  John transplanted/propagated several trimmings of a Rose of Sharon.

Rose of Sharon are easy to grow and propagate elsewhere in our yard.  You just trim a branch and plant the trimming!  We’ve never had an issue with growth.

These plants are from a set of plants his grandparents had in their yard.  Grandpa died in 1965 so they’ve “survived” at least 55 years!  Trimmings from their yard went to John’s parents yard then to our yard.  We should get a set ready for Kiddo #1’s yard.  4th generation of them!


This area used to be where we planted tomatoes.  We are filling in the space with Rose of Sharon to help cool the kitchen.  The shrubs should provide a nice barrier from the afternoon sun.

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