Day 85 of Isolation

A relaxing day – Kiddo #2 came home for the day/night. She is feeling back to normal, is back to work, and needed to trade cars with us. As part of her advocacy rotation, she organized a diaper drive for the local shelter. They’ve received about $500 worth of diapers and funds for the shelter. Her car can’t hold all of it for delivery, so the Xterra is coming to the rescue!

We had our 3rd meal “out” tonight. Our favorite local Mexican food place does take-out. We ordered and John willingly went to pick it up. They’ve reopened for a limited number of tables – he said only one family was in the restaurant. They usually have a wait for dinner on most nights (and have about 25 tables)

Some of the changed he noticed:

  • he didn’t have to bag his own chips and salsa
  • the soda machine area was roped off – I guess they will bring you a new glass if you want more beverage
  • everyone working was wearing a mask

And our favorite server was working and healthy!

4 thoughts on “Day 85 of Isolation

  1. I’m so glad that all the employees at the restaurant were wearing masks!! My kids asked if I could pick them up some Little Caesars pizzas cuz they were both at work and hungry. No online ordering option available. Nothing was hot n ready. Neither the cashier or the pizza maker guy were wearing masks. The cashier didn’t wipe down the card reader after I used it. No contactless pizza like in the commercial. I warned my kids and their coworkers that they definitely weren’t germ free pizzas and they could eat them at their own risk.

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