Decluttering the Desktop

I spent 2 days decluttering this shelving unit on my desktop (and a shelf on the bookshelf and a drawer in the desk got a quick decluttering to allow for some stuff to be moved.)

John removed the top portion of the shelving unit and reassembled it.

118 items removed!! Still not perfect but so much better!

How many of you start decluttering stuff from one area only to find you are also decluttering another area when you decide to move something to a different/better location?

Before vs After

Some of the stuff

More stuff and books from a different bookshelf.

7 thoughts on “Decluttering the Desktop

  1. I’m on a mission to declutter too & I’m happy to have found your blog! It’s inspiring me to keep going after my first two areas decluttered. The after picture is soooo much better than the before one! Excited for you. You’re doing great!

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  2. That looks wonderful!! Over 100 items is terrific!! So that’s how you use that slider?! cool! Always!! Try to declutter here, then have to declutter there to put stuff from first spot, but where does it go from spot 2?? lol

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