Falling off the Wagon . . .

We feel like we are spending money hand over fist!  The Great Flood of 2015 seems to have resulted in great profits for Home Depot!  Our contractor is purchasing most of the supplies there.  When the “water mitigation” crew removed our doors and door frames, they also took the door knobs!  So a trip to HD to purchase door knobs.  The doors were installed – now molding and baseboards needed to be picked out.  Today, we went and ordered the carpeting and “wood” flooring.  We debated eliminating the carpet, but we like having warm feet in the winter upon rising!  Guess these are needed items so maybe “Falling off the Wagon” isn’t exactly appropriate.

Meals have been out more frequently since to the Great Flood and John’s Dad being in the hospital.  Again, more money leaving!

The wedding (for our oldest daughter) is next Saturday.  A trip to purchase a shawl for her ended with us leaving with 3 – one for each daughter and one for Barb.  While there, Barb wanted a new blouse.  We both feel these were unnecessary but wanted purchases – this is where we feel we “Fell” .  The nice part of this was the conversation we had at the store about whether Barb could get by without the items.  After agreeing that she would survive if we didn’t get them, John said that trying to contact the water mitigators and then find the appropriate box for a shawl was more hassle than he wanted to put into it.  He felt that buying the few items was better for our mental health!  Sometimes that is a priority!  We can declutter the old scarves/shawls as we unpack.

We got home from these 3 purchases and moaned about the amount of money we have had to spend.  So much for debt reduction this month!

Now that we have complained, we look forward to the wedding next weekend and both girls being home this weekend.  The ceremony is late afternoon on a bluff in beautiful Santa Barbara!  Life is wonderful!

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