We agree with the Pope!

Pope Francis has written an analysis of modern life contained in the 184-page “Encyclical Letter Laudato Si’ of the Holy Father FRANCIS on Care for Our Common Home” to all people (here’s the link for the original letter from this article by CNN.)   This article by CNN summarizes it into 10 “commandments”.  

While reading the original Letter, all of these topics are talked about, especially numbers 1, 3, 5, and 10.  His basic premise:  Earth was given to all to use and care for.  Our actions do not show we are caring for Earth.

Pope Francis’s Letter as summarized by CNN in bold and our take from reading the original encyclical are in italics:

  1. Think of future generations leave it cleaner than you found it.  also see number 7
  2. Embrace alternative fuel sources – this also ties in with number 3 and 4.  Not just embrace, but decrease usage.
  3. Consider pollution’s effect on the poor capitalism, consumerism, and materialism effect all.  The poor aren’t able to escape it as easily
  4. Take the bus – see numbers1, 2, and 3.  Politicians need to see that public transportation needs to be proactive, not reactive to traffic congestion.
  5. Be humble – obviously!
  6. Don’t become a slave to your phone – or other technologies or distractions.  Ties in with number 7
  7. Don’t trade online relationships for real ones – create authentic memories with others  (experiences rock!)
  8. Turn off the lights, recycle, and don’t waste food – ties in with number 3.  Minimalists tend to be more environmentally aware but also see number 5.  Do it for intrinsic reasons!
  9. Educate yourself – about all of the effects of numbers 1-10!
  10. Believe you can make a difference – too many people are indifferent or think their contribution won’t matter.  YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Sounds like the kind of life we are striving for!  We are not Catholic, but appreciate what Pope Francis is trying to accomplish.

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