The flooring in the kitchen-dining room-office area is being installed tomorrow!

Because of that, Barb went through some of the boxes for the office area to start decluttering the stuff.  One box had the contents of the pen drawer. 

Now we know most people don’t have a pen drawer.   We aren’t sure how the drawer got to this point either.

Barb spent the afternoon testing each and every pen.  Here is what she found:

  • 308 pens did not work
  • 37 did
  • Some pens had been in the desk for at least 32 years. How do we know??  The jeweler pen for the engagement ring!
  • About a dozen stubby pencils with no erasers made their way into the pen drawer.
  • All the pencils we own fit in a coffee cup
  • Now all the pens fit in a small coffee can.

We are “unknowing hoarders”.  We have decided to change the purpose of the pen drawer in the desk. What will it hold now???

11 thoughts on “Pens!

  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I ended up ditching a whole heap of pens because something gross ended up on them and I was faced with the decision to clean or ditch. I have since resolved to ditch any that don’t work and they are still numerous but not nearly as much as they used to be.

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  2. I have a large container of pens… plus there are still pens hiding in random places around the house… I haven’t gone through them all yet… but it sounds like a big job! That will add impressively to the total of decluttered items though! 🙂

    And now you have an empty drawer! Exciting!

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