Life in the Motel musings

Since the “Great Flood of 2015”, we have been a resident of the local Residence Inn since May 19.  They provide breakfast daily, “happy hour” 3 days a week, and all the stuff needed to stay in their rooms.  We are in a studio room – king size bed, living area and full kitchen with most of what you would need to stay there.

Here are some of our musings.

  • Our larger couch is way more comfortable to sit on to watch movies.
  • Streaming movies hasn’t been a problem.  They provide decent wifi.
  • The knives they provide SUCK!
  • 4 plates for the both of us is not enough if we eat/prepare more than one meal a day.
  • 4 glasses are not enough either.
  • 4 utensils for eating is definitely not enough!
  • They should provide a sponge for the kitchen. 
  • We miss our washing machine.
  • The coffee maker just isn’t the same.
  • We miss our gas stove.
  • Electric stovetop is easier to clean than our gas stovetop.
  • It is ridiculous that they will come into the room to change the towels and make our bed every day.  
  • Glad they have the “We are all set for today” sign.
  • Not sure we could live full-time in 450 sq ft.
  • Walls are nice to have.
  • Cleaning up 450 sq ft is easier than 1300 sq ft.
  • The Dog likes his daily walks – there are police dogs in training staying here and he really likes leaving his scent on every bush!
  • We won’t miss carting our recyclables from the hotel to the house.
  • The hotel should make a better effort at recycling.
  • We have generated a lot more waste in the last 2 months. 
  • This may be larger than our RV, but it feels more confining.

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