Random Thoughts about Medical Offices and Plastic

by Barb

This morning I was laying still at the hospital during my tests in radiology.  I had a few random thoughts about plastic based on a my observations and inability to move for 40 minutes.

  • The hospital uses a lot of plastic and nothing seems to be recycled.
    • the medical ID card I needed at check-in
    • the “bracelet” they put on you
    • the IV tubing and syringes to inject the chemicals for my test
    • how much of the plastic chemicals were leached from the tubing and syringe before injection into my body??
    • the EKG leads
    • shouldn’t the medical industry figure out a way to repurpose/recycle some of these “disposable” items??
    • Are they worried about disease transmission if they recycle?  If I remember correctly, to “melt” the plastics requires a much higher temperature than anything could live.
  • The scanning machine was basically all plastic.  I’m sure there was some metal in there somewhere but I couldn’t see it.
  • Food and Beverages
    • The mandatory cookies I had to eat were wrapped in plastic
    • The plastic beverage cup I purchased to wash down the cookies was plastic.
    • Not sure which annoyed me more – being told to eat cookies for breakfast or having to pay for a beverage to go with it.  There wasn’t a drinking fountain anywhere to be seen!
    • Did drinking fountains become obsolete in public?  I have many at my work site, but rarely look for them elsewhere.
    • Have the hospitals eliminated them to prevent the spread of diseases??
    • My required water just before the test was in a large (maybe 32 oz) styrofoam.  They filled it about a quarter of the way up.  I just added it to the iced tea I purchased at the coffee corner.
    • I thought styrofoam was worse than other plastics – guess I need to do some research.
  • Papers – now here is the irony!
    • They had me read the required warnings in a plastic wrapped paper.
    • I signed on a small pad connected to the computer
    • I wasn’t given a copy.  When I asked for one “we are trying to cut down on our paper usage to save the environment.”
    • So they won’t give me a copy for “environmental” reasons but they don’t recycle the plastics???

OK rant over!

5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts about Medical Offices and Plastic

  1. I wondered similar things when I donated blood. As soon as I guzzled down the cup of water I was given I glanced down into the bottom of the cup to confirm my suspicion: “type 2, widely recycled…” and wondered if they bothered – seemingly not. I’m supposed to be helping to save lives by donating blood but then causing unnecessary plastic to go to landfill. Luckily I’d cycled there, but I did wonder how much pollution is released into the atmosphere by all the donors driving to give blood.

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    • Not recycling plastic drives me crazy when places provide the plastic. How hard is it to have a separate bin??

      We both have a bottle recycle bin in our classrooms. Students use them all the time. Our schools just puts them in the trash. We used to have student groups collect as fundraiser option, but the administration says we can’t do that.


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