2015 in 2015 Update #8

It has been a crazy month for us.  The master bath shower is done being tiled and grouted.  Walls have been painted.  Waiting for the shower doors to arrive!

Our decluttering project has been increased this month!  Kiddo #1 came home and cleared a few boxes!  We also cleared out a filing cabinet – 4 overstuffed drawers down to 2 usable drawers.  This took an entire weekend sifting through each piece of paper.  Goal is to remove the filing cabinet!Counting this would have been difficult if each piece of paper counted as 1.  We ended up going with a “simplifed” method – each bundle that got shredded counted as 2 since the shred pile and the trash pile were about equal.  Our shredder can handle up to 10 piece of paper each time, but we didn’t count.  We just picked up a small bundle and fed it to the machine.  We quit when the shredder overheated and decided to stop eating our “important” papers – 200 exactly!  It was a sign!  This gave us 400 “items”.

Here is our count so far:

House = 6328

Garage = 2506.

Barbie’s, etc =  2301  (See this post for details)

GRAND TOTAL = 11,135 with 41 trips to Goodwill so far this year.  3 trips since the last update!

Items removed this month = 554!!

New Goal – 12,000 by the end of the year.  We think we can hit it!

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