Summer 2014 update 3 – Wyoming

originally posted July 6, 2014

Summer 2014 update 3 – Wyoming

We have seen some beautiful scenery in Wyoming over the last few days!  The Black Hills area around Devils Tower (we did not have an Encounter!), the Cloud Peak Skyway Scenic Byway of the Big Horn National Forest, the hot springs of Thermopolis, Wind River Canyon, and the South Pass area between Lander and Farson of the Shoshone National Forest.


Devils Tower
View along Cloud Peak Skyway
View along South Pass highway.

Winnie was able to do all the passes (South Pass and Powder River Pass) even though a few times she was climbing the pass at about 30 mph.  It gave us time to look around!

There was some snow at the Powder River Pass.  Fluffball decided to lay down in it.

While in the area, we took a day trip to Cody to visit the Center of the West.  Worth it!

We stumbled into the Ten Sleep 4th of July Parade.  Winnie was unable to take the detour and we had a front row seat at the ending point of the parade.  Fun small town parade.  So much energy!

We stayed in a cute little town – Greybull.  The town has a siren go off every night at 9 pm.  It was originally a curfew siren but is now used as a test of the hearing of the volunteer fire fighters.  The average age of the volunteers is 78!  The Greybull KOA campground is awesome!

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