It’s Nice to be Home!

We are home!  It was so nice unpacking the RV this year.  Everything was put away within one day – including all the laundry.  Having less stuff around the house sure did make it easier!  We packed just the amount of clothing we needed.  This year we made a concerted effort to minimize the amount we packed.  We even minimized the extra food items since our cupboards run closer to bare these days.

Only 11 items officially left the RV.  In the couple of days we’ve been home, we’ve removed about a dozen items.  The donation box is filling up and needs to be counted!  Of all the kitchen cupboards to get into, John delved into the one we haven’t decluttered this morning.  He was getting out a sheet to make biscuits and ran across these heat vacuum sealing films.  We decluttered the machine a while ago!


John goes back to work tomorrow and Barb leaves today for a conference.  So sad to be returning to “normal”.

Here’s a map of our travels this year.  Not sure how many miles we traveled but the 7 weeks flew by.

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