Decluttering the Weeds Event!

This weekend is the Declutter The Weeds Event!  All are welcome! haha

The compost bin will be getting an addition!

Having been gone for 7 weeks and having the sprinkler system malfunction during that time has resulted in a yard (well, 1/2 a yard) of large weeds.  One half has a large amount of large ones, the other 1/2 has just deadness until the trees.

John is planning to fix the sprinklers this weekend – we get to water 2 times a week here.  Guess we get to “remodel” the backyard.  We’ve always wanted to add a fire pit.


So here’s the east side of the patio.  Keep in mind, the brick wall is 5 feet tall.  One of the fruit trees (apple) didn’t survive the lack of water.


And here’s the west side of the patio.  No weeds, but plenty of deadness!  Even the plants at the base of the embankment didn’t survive.

14 thoughts on “Decluttering the Weeds Event!

  1. Yikes! Weeds!

    One thing I have learned through permaculture though is that, when you remove a pioneer plant (that’s what weeds are – they’re opportunists that grow where they find a space), if you don’t fill the space you made, another pioneer (a.k.a weed) will soon take its place.

    So by all means remove the weeds. But fill the gaps with something, so they don’t come back. I find cottage garden seed mixes are really good, but any type of flower seed mix, or grass seed mix works well. That way, when the weeds try to come back, they’ll find something is already in the place they want to take! 🙂

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  2. I live in an apartment so the only weeds I have are the little ones that grow on our patio… and they take like 1 second to pull out. Otherwise if i knew more about weeds, I’d try to offer you some advice or something!

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