Kansas – Center of the US – Summer 2016

On one of our vacation days, we traveled from Grand Island, Nebraska to Salina, Kansas.  (about 195 miles)

We entered Kansas!

First stop along the way:  The Geographic Center of the United States near Lebanon, Kansas.  At this cute little park in the middle of nowhere (wait, it’s the middle of the United States), there is a small chapel and a picnic area.

While we were eating a picnic breakfast, we had a couple who lived in the area stop.  We think they were making sure the crazy people in a motorhome (from California) weren’t doing anything they shouldn’t be!  They then began telling us how Californians are idiots for voting for someone like Hillary Clinton – who wants to revoke the 2nd amendment.  They also made it clear that the Orlando club shooting would have been “prevented” if gay people believed in using guns.  It was an interesting breakfast to say the least!

Plaque on flag pole monument.


Chapel and covered picnic area.
One of many signs on the property telling you where you are.
Inside the chapel
The chapel


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