Folder Anyone?

Why do we have 11 of these report covers in the desk?  Oh yeah, we had kids who had to do reports and we made them reuse them.  Since the kiddos are now 27 and 29, one in her last year of medical school, the other done with her PhD, I don’t think they will need the parentals to get them a report cover!

And a broken stapler.  12 more items gone!  Thank you Anne for the challenge!  (See the challenge post here at Minimalist Sometimes)


7 thoughts on “Folder Anyone?

  1. Ha ha ha! I’m having flashbacks looking at this picture! They are the same exact reports covers that I used through my years of school. Now, my kids prefer to take their work to the local office store and have it nicely bound. It might seem superfluous, but at least I don’t have to keep track of a stash of those slippery suckers around the house!

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