When was it used last??

We have been seriously decluttering for about 2 years now.  It has been a very steady process with time off last summer while all our belongings were in storage (due to the Great Flood of 2015) and this summer while we took a 7 week trip across the country.

We accepted the challenge by Anne at Minimalist Sometimes to remove items for 21 days.  We modified it to be 14 days since a trip is scheduled.

We have discovered that some items were kept during the unpacking fun last August are now being questioned.  Thank you Anne for pushing us to look at things again!

So here is the item from the closet that had us asking when it was last used.  Neither of us could remember!  One of the discs had a project our youngest kiddo did in high school.  She graduated in 2007!  I’ll bet it was about that time it was last used.  We know we used it while the kiddos were in high school.  They had performances that I know we recorded.

Video camera and its associated cords,  2 extra batteries for recorder, a remote for the recorder, the bag to hold the recorder, 3 empty discs for the recorder.  Also in the bag was a roll of film (how long ago was that camera donated??), a rechargeable battery for a different camera, a duracell battery with a best buy date of March, 2013.

This seemingly simple bag then sparked a search for the possible computer software that might still be around.  And it was!  11 more items out of the house!

6 thoughts on “When was it used last??

  1. Good job! At the beginning of this year I made a list of items that had not been used in a while (can’t remember when for some of them) and plan to donate them at the end of the year if they still haven’t been used. They’re pretty good stuff so I didn’t want to just get rid of them right away but if I don’t use them in a year then I think they’re okay to donate!

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