West Virginia – Beckley Coal Mine

While we stopped in West Virginia for a few days, we did a day trip to the City of Beckley to visit their Exhibition Coal Mine.  There are 3 parts to this site:  underground coal mine tour;  coal mining museum;  recreated coal camp homes and buildings.  Also on the premises is the Youth Museum of Southern West Virginia.  We didn’t visit the Youth Museum.

The underground coal mine tour was a little pricey at $20 per adult.  It lasted about 40 minutes and is lead by a former coal mine worker.  It amazed us that these men would work in a space of 2-3 feet in height and remove over a ton of coal each day.  They had quotas to reach of at least that amount per person per day.


View into the mine.


This area had the height increased for the tour. Most men worked on their backs along the seam shown in the back of this “room”


Miner’s Shanty
Coal miner monument.

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