September 2016 Decluttering Update

We can’t believe another month has passed!  September was a unique month for us.  We took a bereavement trip to help John’s Mom decide was to do with property in Hawaii.  (Yeah, tough life – a week-long trip to Hawaii.  If any of you are teachers, you know that a week out of your classroom is tough!)  It did involve several meetings over 2 days.  Kiddo #2 was able to join us – it was nice spending time with her!

Our week-long trip cost us wayyy more than we expected.  We actually dipped into savings – I know, it’s something we shouldn’t have done!  We also realized that we could travel the country for about 4 weeks during the summer for the same amount we spent for the one week, not including air fare or hotel.  It was a little sobering!

Now to the decluttering – since we had the trip, we cut short our 21-day decluttering challenge to 14 (sort of 16) days.  This allowed 147 items to leave our house!!

So far this year:  1304 items gone!  We have a ways to go to hit 2016.

We are hoping to declutter the Christmas stuff in the garage soon.  Better to get that stuff donated before the holiday!  We tend to wait until the last couple of days before we break out the decorations.

Happy October!!


5 thoughts on “September 2016 Decluttering Update

  1. I used to be a teacher and my decorating habits still revolve around the school cycle! The Christmas tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving and comes down New Year’s Day. I know a week out is a long time! Hope you got things settled in Hawaii.

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