Pondering Our Location -Day 1 of Vacation – leaving Southern California

When people think of Southern California, they have many predetermined views of the landscape and people.

The only biome is “BEACH”.

Link for pic


Everything revolves around Hollywood, celebrities, and palm trees.

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We only eat In-N-Out or organic hippie food (on the beach of course!)

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As we traveled today, we progressed from an elevation of about 400 feet above sea level to about 9600 feet above sea level.

We never saw the ocean or beach.  We did see plenty of palm trees!

We didn’t eat In-N-Out today.  Lunch was fruit, crackers, and cheese while driving.

We passed through/along the following National Forests/Parks:
*San Bernardino National Forest
*Sequoia National Forest
*Coso Range Wilderness Area
*Kings Canyon National Park
*Sierra National Forest
*Inyo National Forest

We passed or were within a short drive to the following:  by the way, we have visited all but the actual peak of Mt. Whitney.
*Death Valley National Park (Lowest elevation in US at 282 feet BELOW sea level)


*Mt Whitney (highest elevation in contiguous US at 14,505 feet above sea level)

View of Mt. Whitney as we drive along the 395 near Lone Pine, CA

*Eastern Sierra Scenic Byway

*Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest (oldest non-clonal organisms in the world with some over 5000 years old!)


*Manzanar National Historic Site (Japanese interment camp.  John’s mom, who grew up in this area, remembers driving by it during WWII and not understanding why they were on the other side of a fence guarded by men with guns.)


*Historic US Route 66 – We have traveled this route so often over the years.


Link for pic



pics found on the internet:




http://www.historic66.com/pictures/copyright/us-map. gif




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