Vacation Derailed

Our 6 week vacation lasted 4 days before “disaster” struck.

Barb tripped over her own feet on the evening of the 4th day.  Dislocated shoulder and trip to the ER was the excitement of the evening.

Here’s the initial x-ray.  Our niece replied “that don’t look right!”


We ended up coming home on the 6th day.  She just couldn’t handle the RV life with the amount of residual pain.  Besides that, follow-up appointments and physical therapy at our home facility will be more convenient and much less costly than paying out of pocket.

As a side note, we have a reputation of ER visits during vacations – kidney stones, broken arm, urinary tract infection, scratched cornea are just a few reasons for ER visits.

Maybe some decluttering will get accomplished this summer hahahaha

20 thoughts on “Vacation Derailed

      • Ouch, that is not sounding good 🤕 how did the MRI go? Do you know when you’ll know more? I hope they manage to fix it up without too much trouble.

        I’ve struggled with my shoulder since I fell of the ladder may last summer… this year I did two cortisone shots by a shoulder specialist and lo and behold… it’s way better 😀 I have a new appointment in a couple of weeks, so I’m curious what he says, but if nothing else.. I have figured a way to keep it in check.

        I hope they get your shoulder under control without to much trouble, I’ll be crossing my fingers 🤞

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        • Thank you! MRI was a unique experience. My next appointment is Friday afternoon. Hopefully the doctor has the results (since that is my next appointment!) Physical Therapist today commented that I will continue to see him until I have surgery, Guess he suspects a torn rotator cuff too.


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