Desk Drawer – again!

As the end of the year approaches, I’ve decided to “start” decluttering all over again.  I began this journey in earnest with our bathroom.  I then moved on to my desk.   Here are the things that didn’t make the cut this time around.

1 box of pencils (16 pencils), counted as 1 but it could be 16!
5 postcards
2 protractors
1 chemical rings stencil
1 circle stencil
1 curvy line stencil
5 different types of address labels

16 (or 31) items leaving the house!!





9 thoughts on “Desk Drawer – again!

  1. Hey, Barb, did I ever answer your question about my new site?
    I went self hosted, cuz my daughter sells for GoDaddy, and I got free hosting for 2 years, by going thru her.
    With all the trouble WP is giving me, about saying I don’t have a site anyway, IE locking me out of my,if I could go back, I would just pay to upgrade.

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  2. Hi John and Barb! I know, long time no see! Now that I have home internet again, I’m hoping I can stay on top of everything better!
    Can you believe you’re still finding stuff??
    I can’t, after 4 years!!
    But, onward!! Some day we’ll be done, right? Right?? Please say we will!! lol
    Merry Christmas!

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