Last Day before Vacation Checklist

Taking a quick break for lunch – decided to post my checklist so far.  Hopefully everything gets finished!!

This is the “Sticky Notes” feature for those of you using Microsoft Windows.  I find it so easy to use and NO PAPER!!  When I finish a list, I just delete it.  I tend to have a couple going at a time.  Even if you close the Sticky Notes, it saves them for you.  On a day like today, I leave it open.  Sorry Melinda, I just can’t use the purple – pink power all the way here!


8 thoughts on “Last Day before Vacation Checklist

  1. I am gobsmacked by your list. Deodorize sink drains? Stuff like that? I am always worrying what to pack, what to unplug, and what to leave for notes for the petsitter!

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