Summer 2018 Update #1 – CA to NV

So here we are – three weeks into our vacation and an attempt to update you.  This is an update of our first couple of days.  For those of you interested, I’ve included gas prices.

Day 1 –  We purchased our first tank of gas for Winne 2017!  Up to this point, all our quick weekend trips and running the generator “weekly” haven’t used the initial tank of gas up!

Hesperia, CA – we try our darnest to purchase gas at Pilot or Flying J.  Reasons:  John likes their coffee; we get a 5 cent per gallon discount by using their Good Sam Reward card (after a certain number of coffee purchases, you get one free too!);  they are the cheapest around; Flying J also has dedicated RV pumps.
Gas price $3.469 per gallon (with discount).

Las Vegas, CA –  We stay at the Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort.  It is close to the freeway and Las Vegas Strip.  Dinner was at the Bellagio Buffet.  We have always had great service here – especially if you sit at the bar.  Just ask and you usually can.   Here’s our grip with the Bellagio – they now charge $9 for parking!!  Like they don’t make enough on our dinner and gambling!
Pilot/Flying J in North Las Vegas the next morning:  Gas price $3.109 per gallon (with discount).

Here are a few pics of their lobby – they frequently change it up so every time we visit, it is something new.  We always love it!

2 thoughts on “Summer 2018 Update #1 – CA to NV

  1. I’ve always loved the Flying J Truckstops. They have great pizza for a quick lunch. It’s probably the only time I eat pizza.
    I agree I don’t care for the new idea in Vegas to charge for parking. We’ve started staying at at Rio where they don’t charge. I think you can park in their lot which many casinos encourage. Also some casinos have RV sites as a low cost alternative to a RV resort.

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    • We’ve stayed at casinos too. Just depends on the trip and finances! They must not be seeing the profit they like. It will definitely affect our visits. The Rio also has a good buffet. The Bellagio won us over with their unlimited drink option and their gluten free options for John.

      OMG – I think the truck stops are the only place to get donuts/Cinnabon’s too! I never get them except when we travel since John can’t eat them. I’m not willing to travel 1/2 hr just to get one at home.


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