decluttering the medicine shelf

So after yesterday’s spice cabinet shelf decluttering, I was inspired to tackle the medicine shelf.

IMG_0341 cropped small

IMG_0342 small
after the decluttering


9 containers were removed or consolidated.  The large extra strength “Tylenol” was used to refill the smaller container here, in my purse, and in the car.

The fish oil was almost empty (4 left) in the opened container so it was consolidated with the new one.

The old prescriptions were for pain meds we barely used.  Discarded the meds (not down the drain!) by mixing them in a ziploc bag with leftover bacon grease from breakfast.  I sure wouldn’t want to sift through that!

And I thought we were done decluttering!  8 more items decluttered!

8 thoughts on “decluttering the medicine shelf

  1. So my mind immediately goes where it shouldn’t – bacon-flavored pain pills. Sadly, there’s probably a market for such a thing. Great suggestion though! My mom is always flushing meds that she shouldn’t (and telling me about it after the fact!). I will pass this idea on to her now.

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  2. I have to do this around once per year! I take the medications to CVS, they have a drop off there for safe disposal. I have heard of also putting them in the trash and mixing them with something unpleasant but wasn’t sure if it harms the landfill.

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