old work stuff needs to go

As a teacher, we hoard all kinds of teaching supplies.  Last weekend I went through a cabinet in the hallway that housed OLD teacher editions of textbooks (copyright 1993) and associated supplemental materials.  We are in the early stages of adopting a new textbook and these are at least 3 adoptions ago!  I couldn’t tell you the last time I looked at them.

The text bank book even mentions that IF you have a computer to contact them and they will send you a disk with the text questions.  I’m assuming it is a 3.5 floppy!

So here are the pictures of all the supplemental materials I got rid of.  The actual teacher editions I took back to school just in case anyone wants one. (doubtful, but you never know)

Why do we keep things like this??  Any other middle school science teachers have these still?

10 thoughts on “old work stuff needs to go

    • hahaha I probably have some too! I recently got rid of binders of transparencies. With the change to NGSS and more projects, I’ve actually been able to do some purging (minimal, but some) while the students are working. I found old (1984 copyright) textbooks on one shelf a couple of weeks before shutdown.

      Were you able to pack up your room for summer before you were locked out? I wasn’t. It will be a unique experience going back after months away with middle of the year stuff on the walls!


  1. lol, I know what you mean!! I still go to the back to school sales! Look- crayons for a quarter!! Love me some new crayons!
    BTW, I didn’t last the 10 days, but I DID count down tremendously on my FB time, and deleted all games, so I wouldn’t be tempted. Oh, I WAS tempted! But went there and remembered that I’d deleted them, and went back to doing educational stuff for my sister! haha
    So, in my eyes it was a success!
    Good job on your clear out!! Are those all laptops in the black cases?

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