PL #2 – Hodge Rd Outdoor Shooting Area

We ventured to our second Public Land recently.  This one is the Hodge Road Outdoor Shooting Area near Barstow, California.  I’m not sure which agency has control over this area.  We originally thought BLM but now think it might be the county of San Bernardino.  BLM website says it doesn’t have any designated shooting sites.

We were VERY DISAPPOINTED!  We would NOT recommend this location.

We didn’t arrive until about 2pm.  It was a very spur of the moment outing – a discussion that there was an outdoor shooting area near Barstow at breakfast with friends, deciding we had nothing else to do, gathering all our stuff, and driving out.  Those who know us know this is very normal behavior for us!

It was windy and very crowded.  As we drove along the hillside to find a place to set up, we encountered a group who actually had all their weapons set up on one side of the dirt road and their targets on the other side.  As we approached, one of the men waved us through while a kid about 10 was holding a rifle.  When the kid turned towards us, he had it pointing directly at us!  Needless to say, this was a common sight – the mishandling of the weapons by kids – thankfully not all were on opposite sides of the road from their targets.

We finally found a place not too close to others but quickly found out why – a tire was burning/smoldering.  We used all of the water we had with us to douse it.

As we were setting up a table, someone near us yelled “Cease Fire”.  In my world that means stop shooting and even putting your weapon down.  Not here!  People on the other side of them kept on shooting.  How do you replace your targets if people near you keep shooting?  This was the deciding factor for us – we don’t belong here and need to leave!

We left and went to Cracker Barrel for a late lunch/early dinner!

Pictures:  The hillside had a TON OF WASTE!  We aren’t talking just a little, we are talking about so much that is was disgusting.  These pictures were taken farther in than most people travel.  It was even worse closer to the interstate.  Shell casings were EVERYWHERE!  Burned up cars, furniture, targets, lots of glass shards, and shot up propane bottles is a sampling of the stuff left behind.   Don’t people know the mantra “LEAVE NO TRACE”?




9 thoughts on “PL #2 – Hodge Rd Outdoor Shooting Area

  1. Unfortunately I believe there is nothing you can do. Although I don’t believe in it, trash, spent casings and left targets are going to continue until the BLM shuts this place down. People are pigs who don’t care. Until then do your part as far as cleanup and enjoy the shooting range as long as we can. I smoke cigarettes, but I DO NOT throw my butts on the ground and I always clean up after myself. I drive 2 hours to shoot at Hodge Rd, but I have driven as far as Arizona to shoot at their ranges. Anyway the point is, Californians never appreciate what they got until it has been taken from them.

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    • You have to drive further in. All the irresponsible assholes shoot at the first hill. Have several spots that I go to and here’s not a single piece of trash at any of them. I always clean up after myself also. I’ve been shooting there and camping out for years. I’m usually always alone and I’ve never had a problem there. If you travel further in its really nice. J always make it a point to scavenge the trash left behind and gather as much wood as I can carry to use for bonfires at night. I look at it as my way of cleaning up the environment. I love it there. J just wish others respected the land.

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