Day 4 of Isolation

“Safer at Home”

Today our entire state is now ordered to stay at home except for essential outings (medical, food, essential employment.)   It has already been an interesting week following the news, but this is so surreal.  We watch movies/TV shows where things like this happen but NEVER expect it happen in real life.

So how did we occupy our minds and bodies?

We put together a 1000 piece puzzle!  We started it about noon; John quit about 8:30 and I quit at 10:30.   I woke up this morning to a finished puzzle!  Way to go hubby!


After standing at the bar most of the day, we definitely need to do something active tomorrow!



11 thoughts on “Day 4 of Isolation

  1. I’m thinking it will be Aug. for everyone. Our Gov (FL),. just shut down all dine in restaurants. Were people really still in them?? Yep, my elderly Mama and Aunt, just today. Face Palm. Apparently lunch was more important than life today..

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  2. We have a couple puzzles here that I bought to resell on eBay but maybe we’ll have to crack them open. What date do you have to stay home until? IL is until April 7th I think. They keep telling us they aren’t going to do that here but I bet they do soon.

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