Day 5 of Isolation

Is anyone else finding that “normal” stuff is just taking you longer to complete.  For example, this morning my normal showering time is about 15 minutes.  This morning 35 minutes.  I actually left the hair conditioner in for the 3-5 minutes!  Most mornings, conditioner doesn’t happen.  I went down the YouTube rabbit hole when someone posted the Jimmy Fallon working from home 1st episode.  That leads to watching all of them for the week and many other things!

John started a sourdough starter and we watched movies.

12 thoughts on “Day 5 of Isolation

  1. Yes, I feel like the times are off somehow. I feel like it’s maybe 10am only find out it’s 3pm and I can’t even recall everything I did in that time!

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  2. Yep! I’m working from home. I feel like I’m really slow without the normal equipment. So then I feel like I have to log in all different times of the day and my whole schedule is just crazy.

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