Week 1 of Isolation Movies

As we wrap up our first week of isolation/Safer at Home, here is a list of the movies watched this week.

  1. Contagion – and why not?
  2. Frozen II – and we don’t have kids here!
  3. Fast 5 – we still need to watch the most recent one
  4. Remember the Titans – one of our favorites!
  5. The King’s Speech
  6. The Rainmaker
  7. Hell or High Water – we’ve been on an underdog theme it seems
  8. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 – personally I liked the first one better
  9. Seabiscuit
  10. CHiPs – Dax Shepard also has a pretty good podcast we enjoy on road trips
  11. Rango – although it is a cartoon, it is not a kid movie in my opinion
  12. Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken – interesting twist on Super Size Me.

No “TV” series at this point.  What have you been watching?  Any suggestions?

7 thoughts on “Week 1 of Isolation Movies

  1. We don’t have broadcast TV. So I watch a lot of de-hoarders, and de-clutterers, on You tube. And listen to Christian music.
    I do not like Disney at all, due to all the witchcraft in every show.

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  2. We’ve been watching This is Us – trying to catch up with our friends who have watched it since the beginning and always post spoilers on Facebook. We watched Super Size Me 2 – good but not as good as the first one. We tried to watch a couple of documentaries on consumerism but they were terrible so we stopped and started season 2 of Rotten on Netflix (which means we will probably never eat another avocado now). And YouTube. We have watched so many gardening and $10 grocery challenge videos I don’t even know where to start!

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  3. I don’t watch much TV but last week I did watch the first few episodes of Pick of the Litter on Disney Plus, I thought it was really interesting. Other than that, I like to watch Disney Fairytale Weddings, One Day at Disney, Disney Insider.

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