Day 18 of Isolation

6 years ago today I fell, fracturing my knee cap and tearing my meniscus.  Immobilized leg for 3 months, then the meniscus surgery with additional immobile time.  Another 6 months of physical therapy to be not quite back to normal.  Since that fated day, I gained 35 pounds!  Guess my activity levels dropped more than I thought.  In the last 17 weeks, I’ve lost 28 of those pounds!

Because we are watching more closely what we are eating, today I made homemade unsweetened applesauce to have with the BBQ pork loin and asparagus for dinner.  It was so easy!  Cut up, boil, and blend in food processor.  Start to finish was 20 minutes and then a few hours in the frig.  Didn’t even peel them.  Don’t want to lose those nutrients.

What foods have you experimented with during your self-isolation?


10 thoughts on “Day 18 of Isolation

      • I had not heard of that so just looked up Chrissy trade, haha! I don’t want romaine lettuce, though! Oh, maybe a home made pie would be worth making that trade!!!

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        • haha I just assumed everyone had heard of the trade.

          Did you watch their stuffed animal wedding and reception? Imagine having a dad who can sing like he does singing at your play wedding!!


        • I have actually only heard of Chrissy Teigen by name, I went back and looked her up and don’t think I’ve seen any show she’s ever been in! And I don’t even think I’ve heard any songs by John Legend… There was a short time when he was one of the voice options for Google but I had thought they said John Lennon so when I heard the voice I was like “That is NOT John Lennon!” Haha! For certain things, I am very much out of the loop!

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        • hahaha I’ve never watched anything she is in either. Since we are both teachers, we hear all kinds of stuff and fall into the rabbit hole trying to figure out what the kids are talking about.


  1. Congrats on the weight loss! That’s awesome!

    We made sweet potato gnocchi using mashed sweet potatoes potatoes from our freezer. Somehow I managed to make a killer pulled pork sandwich for my mom using a single boneless pork chop. We even made homemade baked beans and Cole slaw to go with it. (She was craving BBQ and her favorite restaurant is closed right now.) And Angie is keeping us well stocked in sourdough bread.

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