Day 19 of Isolation

Well, it happened.  We aren’t going back to work for the rest of this school year.  All California schools are shut until June 19th.  Why that random date?  I think because by then all schools will be officially out.

So now we have a new challenge – holding office hours virtually!  We also can’t teach any new content.  This will make office hours interesting!  I’ll keep you updated with some of the things my darling middle school students talk about during office hours.

I was able to figure out why I couldn’t hear anything when I was on a Google Meet.  I have the extension “Disable HTML5 Autoplay” installed on Chrome.  After spending about an hour searching online for a solution, one person of many in a thread mentioned their autoplay blocker prevented them from hearing others.  Disabled mine and VOILA! I can hear!  It is so much easier than using the phone for audio and computer for video.  John and I tested it with him continually saying “can you hear me now?”  Just be sure to refresh for the change to take effect!

Another thing happening in California (our county) is the recommendation that everyone wear cloth masks IF they must leave home for essentials.  So today was figuring out which sheet and pillowcase I was going to cut up to make them.  I also am using a water repellent boat cover that we happened to have in the garage as part of the design.

Here is the pattern I’m using.  Kaiser Permanente has on online pattern and video tutorial for making masks.  Thank you Kaiser!

It was an eventful day!

Almost done cutting out the mask supplies. 



10 thoughts on “Day 19 of Isolation

  1. I knew it was coming. I know it’s coming here too. Just a matter of time. I’ll got look at the mask pattern. My girls are presently trying to kill each other. sigh I decided to let them go at it, unless I see blood. That’s how my Mama let us do! lol

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    • I just saw you are on “safer-at-home” type of order. Hope you got all you needed to weather this storm. I know you are used to hurricanes but this is a really weird “the weather is beautiful but we can’t leave” situation.

      baby girls or the adult girls? How is kiddo up north doing?

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      • The babies. They are playing so nicely, then 10 minutes later, it’s like the MMA championships! I’m sure they are anxious too, just because of the general atmosphere, and not being able to go anywhere. Haven’t seen the Dr in over 18 months. She doesn’t answer any texts. So I don’t know if she can’t, or just too busy, or what. Thanks for asking! All your other kiddos, besides the one with you??

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        • Bummer! I hope she is doing ok.

          Kids that age get over it pretty quickly so that is the only good thing about it. I remember mine acting up and my punishment was forcing them to remain apart. That just about did them in!

          Our other kiddo lives in the Bay area of CA. She is stressing because of working from home and finding out she is pregnant! Unfortunately, she is due late October so got pregnant just as this madness was starting to become news. She is also suffering severe morning sickness again. It will all work out but is having a hard time right now. Thank you for asking!

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        • Forcing them apart- yeah! That’s when suddenly they can’t live without the other, and scream “Sissy!! I love you!”, as we are dragging them apart! lol Oh man! Congrats on the baby!! But prayers for the mama!! My pleasure. ❤

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