Day 20 of Isolation

Today we both had multiple Google Meets meetings.  I’m feeling slightly more comfortable hosting a meet with the students.  Some educators have mentioned that their darling students are sending the links to friends and then the friends are “having fun” during the meeting.  You can remove them but then they can just rejoin.

Anyone having this issue with uninvited visitors to their Google Meet meetings or is it just a middle school student thing?  We aren’t allowed to use Zoom with the students, which is having even more issues in general.

On other news, went outside and found this beautiful flower had blossomed!


2 thoughts on “Day 20 of Isolation

  1. We’ve only done phone meetings for work so far and it’s a mess lol. We finally had our first 60 degree day yesterday so I’m hoping my daffodils had a chance to do a lot of growing. I hope they bloom soon!

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    • I forget that you live in a very different climate than me. We complain when our high is 60 because that is so cold!!

      Please post pics of your blooms! It will be nice to see the pretty flowers from around the country/world.


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