Days 25, 26 & 27 of Isolation

MASKS!  Kiddo #1 asked for a dozen masks.  That has been the focus of any “free” time these days.  They are finally finished and got shipped today.  It was a stressful outing for me.  The county ordered cloth face masks when out of the house.  I was shocked to see people without coverings.  Granted out of the 9 people I saw (yep, I counted them!), 4 were not wearing masks.  ALMOST HALF!!  No wonder the rate keeps increasing!

Kiddo #2 is finished with her vacation and has to go back to work for Saturday graveyard shift.  She is having a bit of anxiety returning to the hospital amid this madness.  I’m confident she will do fine – you would think she would be happy to leave after spending almost 2 weeks here with us.

It has been raining and “cold” here this week.  We’ve spent a fair amount of time just watching TV and relaxing together.

Hope everyone is doing well.


3 thoughts on “Days 25, 26 & 27 of Isolation

  1. I was one of the crazy people out at the store with no mask today 😞. That won’t happen again. But people have only started wearing them here so there were more without than with them.

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