Day 28 of Isolation

I can’t believe it has been 4 weeks of Isolation!  It is my understanding that we have at least 4 more to go, if not more.  Los Angeles City extended their Stay-at-Home order to May 15th today and California Governor said he doesn’t know when it will be lifted for the state.  Some are predicting 6-8 more weeks of Stay at Home.

We both had a work-filled day.  We held “office hours” for the students, worked on next week’s “optional” lessons, documented student “participation”, and had virtual meetings to attend.

I have to document which students are participating – even if all they do is look at my web page, that counts as participation even if they don’t do the assignment.

My school district has decided that all grades for this semester will be based on the progress report we sent out late February.  If they received an F, the work they did before shutdown can only help their grade.  We are also only giving Credit/No Credit marks.  No actual grades.  The UC (University of California) and CSU (California State University) systems have agreed to accept Credit marks for this semester for the next 4 years.  Once parents know this, I have a feeling the amount of “participation” will drop even lower than it currently is.  The district is sending out notification to parents and students today.  John hasn’t heard about grades yet from his district.

And other stuff today:

  • Trying to catch up on blog reading.
  • Finished another 1000 piece puzzle we started night before last.


3 thoughts on “Day 28 of Isolation

    • I think that is their thinking. Our district has 78% on free/reduced lunch. Many don’t have internet access even though attempts have been made to get it to them. In the long run, it is a better option.


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