Day 30 of Isolation

Easter Sunday is just not the same this year.  I’m missing our usual gathering.

We had a zoom meeting with Kiddo #1 to watch the grandKiddo hunt for Easter eggs.  It was nice seeing them and the other grandparents as well.  Once grandKiddo found all the eggs, she kept looking for more!  It was so cute!  [We might be biased though.]

Our Easter Sunday breakfast was homemade Belgium waffles with “goop”.  Goop is what John’s family has always called it.  It is an egg white, sugar and berries whipped up and plopped onto sponge cake as a dessert.  We are the rebel branch of the family and also put it on waffles!  Kiddo #2 nicknamed them “affle waffles” and it stuck.  Whenever she wants waffles with “goop”, she still at 31 asks for affle waffles.  We aren’t sure what she was saying way back but these are definitely not awful!




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