Day 31 of Isolation

I’m really getting tired of hearing about when we are going to “open” the economy.  I understand that this is going to have global repercussions for years.  I would really prefer to listen to global health experts and prevent more deaths than to “open” things and cause another spike in deaths.  The disregard for science boggles my mind!

And now things happening at the house:

  • Today was a day of tracking which students did the optional work I provided.  I also had to contact every parent of student who, at last progress report, had an F and provide them with information how their child can raise their grade to get credit for the class.  Of the 11 students, only 1 has done anything in the last 4 weeks and that was attend the Google Meet for his class.  That’s not going to raise his grade from 37% to 60% for credit.
  • After taking my car to get a flat tire fixed, John went to wind the clock at his Mom’s house today.  She seems to be doing better at isolating than she was earlier.

6 thoughts on “Day 31 of Isolation

  1. yep! but it is discouraging. I just have to remember that they may have so much more going on at home than having to do school work.

    We have kids who walk miles each way to pick up their lunch from the school district location. We saw an increase in the number of meals provided too. They ran out of lunches 3 days this week and had to scramble to get the kids something to eat.


  2. The hard thing about the economy is that many people don’t have jobs right now… So they need the economy to “open back up” in order to work and have money. Yes, health is important – but people also need money for food and a place to live.

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    • Not saying getting everyone back out there quickly is the way to go… But it is important so I can at where the struggle is and how hard it would be to decide what to do and when to do it.

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      • So many more people have lost their jobs and medical coverage in the last week. It is such a sad thing to witness. I was glad to hear CA set up funds for many yesterday. Hopefully it can get to those who need it. Los Angeles is also adding meal service to “elderly” over 60. That’s a start toward protecting the most vulnerable.

        My anxiety levels seem to be on overdrive. Thinking about the MANY people suffering from lack of health care and testing seems to be my major community concern. Maybe that has something to do with my food anxiety, knowing I still have plenty and so many have nothing. We’ve seen an increase in the number of students arriving daily to pick up lunch in the last week. I’m sure that will continue to increase for a while too.


    • I agree. There has to be a happy medium. Without extensive testing though, we are just asking for another spike. Los Angeles thought they were on the flatline and then had a huge bump yesterday.

      What’s the happy middle? I have no clue but I sure am tired of the “bickering” over who can open things back up and that it has to be done by a certain date.


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