Day 32 of Isolation – Food Anxiety

For some reason, I have increased anxiety about food.  I’m not sure if it is related to hearing of continued shortages in stores, the closure of a meat processing plant in the news, or that we are running out of things we would normally have.  I’m WAY more worried about wasting food than ever.

We’ve also been making a little more than usual since Kiddo #2 went back to her place so we are having leftovers – they are sure making yummy lunches!

I don’t believe it has to do with weight loss and tracking my food intake.

Anyone else experiencing this??

9 thoughts on “Day 32 of Isolation – Food Anxiety

  1. I think I have had a little food anxiety when I look at empty shelves in the store but then I put it in perspective – what would life be like in any third world country right now? Part of the problem in the US is that a great deal of processed food goes to restaurants and it will just take some time to alter production (for smaller tins). It is a great time to try vegetarian food??

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    • Maybe it is the empty shelves. I know Kiddo #2 said it made her anxious and caused her to buy things she wouldn’t normally get.

      We have definitely cut back on our meat consumption even before this. Now one chicken breast is enough for both of us when we BBQ. Since I’ve been diligently trying to lose weight, we are eating more veggies and beans. Good for weight loss and our health!

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  2. I was actually thinking a little about this, so many people hoarded food at the beginning but I think it was because we didn’t know if stores would stay open or how long they’d stay open. Now that they seem to be open all the time, I think people have relaxed a little. Although stores seem to be out of certain specific items, they still seem to always have something similar available.

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    • true. We went shopping today (yep, both of us did a divide and conquer approach) and the shelves are looking a little better. Still no lysol, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, etc.

      One thing we ran out of was sesame oil and that wasn’t available. It isn’t something we expected to be out.


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