Day 37 of Isolation – unwanted visitor

Just another night in Isolation until I heard a weird noise about 1 am this morning.  I turned off the TV to listen and try to figure it out.

At first I thought it was John and his CPAP making the noise. As I walked into our bedroom, I realized the noise was coming from the attic.  The dog was sitting there staring at the ceiling when I turned on the light.

Being the “helpless” female that I am, I woke John up so he could hear the noise too. I know he couldn’t do anything about it at that time, but I didn’t want to be “alone” if it chewed its way through the ceiling.

It would stop for a few minutes every time John used the broom handle on the ceiling. After about an hour, there was no more noise. We either scared it to death, it left, or it fell asleep. I’m hoping for death!

Our unwanted visitor came back about 6:30 in the same location.  Guess we didn’t scare it to death.  And now I’m tired and cranky!

John went to Home Depot this morning at 7 am to purchase supplies – traps, poison, sticky pads so we can Declutter the UNWANTED Visitor.  All 3 were placed in the attic.  Now we wait.  He said it was obvious something was having fun up there!  No droppings or babies visible thankfully.

Picture from Wikipedia (Brown Rat)



4 thoughts on “Day 37 of Isolation – unwanted visitor

  1. I’m not too bothered by mice but rats would be a whole other story!! I’ve never had one.. knock on wood!! Hopefully you get your critter situation taken care of quickly!

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  2. I have read that rats are actually a really good pet. There were reasons for it, such I can’t remember, but some people say it’s a better pet than a cat or dog! Maybe instead of the trap you should name it, feed it and make it a part of your family!!!

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  3. I’ve always had “mice” in my roof, even after I got my roof re-roofed. For me it would be the TV that would be a weird thing to hear at 1am! Mice have never gotten into the actual house, they just stay in the roof, doing their thing, until that changes I’ve decided not to get bothered it. I saw one out in the garden last week; it was nice to see.

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