Day 38 of Isolation – flowers!

I walked out the front door this afternoon for the first time in a couple of days and was struck by the beauty of these blossoms!  These bulbs were at my Grandmother’s place.  When she died in 1993, I “inherited” her dwarf lemon tree and these bulbs.  The lemon tree was transplanted from a pot to our patio flowerbed.  The bulbs were planted here.  We really should thin them out but we haven’t done anything with them in 26 years (no fertilizer or thinning). I think it can wait.  You can also barely see the ornamental garlic in the next planter going down the steps to the street.



While pulling weeds this morning in the back, we also found some wild violets growing the the back corner.  We know it is a weed but we are going to keep it!  Something different in that corner instead of grass.


6 thoughts on “Day 38 of Isolation – flowers!

  1. I’ve got a random plant in my back lawn that I think is of the same variety as ones in my front flower bed… I need to investigate. I like it when things thrive where they want, as long as it isn’t a problem, but I think I might have to move this solitary plant, lest it get mowed.

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    • We are putting in a planter in that area so thankfully it can stay. Some of the weeds have pretty colored flowers. It’s all part of their reproductive strategy but annoying for our lawn maintenance.


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