Day 39 & 40 of Isolation

On Tuesday, we briefly heard rodent noises around noon.  Nothing since then.

My AVID students were so cute on Tuesday for our meeting – David played his harmonica (Silent Night no less!) and they wanted to play Kahoot.  When we finished the first game, they wanted more – I found one “All About Animal Poop”.  It took them a few questions before someone asked if all the questions are about poop.  Of course it was David!

partial screenshot of the Kahoot we played.

On Wednesday, I attended a virtual DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) “meeting”.  Since the by-laws don’t allow for actual meetings where voting takes place, our April meeting was cancelled and we got together today for a “social” hour.

New officer positions will be voted on whenever we can get together.  It was suggested today we just meet in a random parking lot.  Our quorum is 12 members.  If all of the board shows up, they only need a few of us non-officer members to show up and give our thumbs up for the election.  It could work IF enough non-officers show up.

You know things are getting TV desperate – John is currently watching the 1999 Super Bowl!

We got a few more weeds pulled over the last 2 days and contemplated removing the fencing for the dog run.  We’ve lived here 30 years and have NEVER used the pen.  It is on the far side of the house in a nice shaded area.  I think I want to put some seating over there so when it is warm, there is a nice cool place to hang out, especially if this isolating madness continues.  It helped that it is supposed to be 100 F. this weekend.

So that is our update.  How are you doing?

3 thoughts on “Day 39 & 40 of Isolation

    • haha if it is found outside. Like in the winter here, we see spikes of flu in the middle of summer as well as winter. Everyone stays inside, goes to movies, restaurants, etc to avoid the weather.

      Just like where you live, we have weird temperature swings. Our high last week was around 60, today 98. Fortunately for you, they are usually from 10 to 50 and you love those 50 degrees days!

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