Day 44 of Isolation – Violating Orders

Today was a day of “violation”.  Our friends, “K” and “N”, called and asked us to join them at the indoor shooting range (air conditioned!)  When we arrived, the range was only putting people into every third stall so John and “K” shared a lane and “N” and I stayed outside to talk (we weren’t allowed to hang out inside.)  Usually we are able to get 2 lanes next to each other and the 4 of us go between the 2 lanes depending on which gun you want to shoot.

The range has been open to law enforcement all along and recently opened to the general public – like the golf courses and beaches!

I’m not sure why the guys could share a lane and be closer than 6 feet but walls between lanes aren’t enough of a barrier to use more lanes.

So we had multiple social distancing violations as well as the stay at home order violation.  Since this is the first time we’ve violated the orders in 6 weeks, I’m only feeling a little guilty.  We did wear our masks though so no violation there!


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